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Does anyone know what these bumps are?

I have frequently gotten these bumps on my head that are extremely hard. They seem to be made out of dandruff or built up dead skin cells, but I use a specialized shampoo that keeps my scalp moisturized since I've had dandruff issues before. The bumps leak a clear fluid when I scratch them off, and, as expected of an open "wound", sting when in contact with anything external. There is no specific odor that is identifiable, and I have not been able to see one of the bumps via a photo to determine color.
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These could probably be a few different things - infected hair follicles, dermatitis, or even a reaction to your shampoo (your scalp may be too moisturized, and you might be getting clogged oil glands, for example).


Really, though, the only way to know for sure is to have a doctor check it out. Stop picking at them, and let the doc see them as they are, in case they want to swab or test them somehow. Let us know what happens!

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