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Dry Flaking Skin... ON PENIS!!

I have dry flaky skin on my penis head. Its similar to when you have chapped, dry lips and you could pull the skin off..
I have had this problem for more than 10 years now. I have never had sex because of this, so I know it is not an STD. I have also been to the doctors, and they pretend that it's either not there, or that I'm concentrating on that area too hard. This one lazy SOB even told me I had vitiligo and that there was nothing I could do (which I know I don't have). I cannot afford to throw money at the doctors any more...

But now I'm tired of this **** and I wanna get this fixed!

I am wondering, I can post pictures, not of the member, just of the affected skin area?
Just so that I could atleast know that it's not all in my head, and maybe perhaps someone might have had the same condition and can identify it and help me get it diagnosed..
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The password to see the pictures is: helpme
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I take it then, that the doctors on this forums are a bunch of lazy, no-good, incompetent Assholes too!
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