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Dry Mouth and Other Horrible issues

Hi, I'm not sure whether or not I've had dry mouth or not but this is a serious issue. I cannot wear certain types of clothing out of discomfort for my mouth - it's strange. I always have a white tongue, I drink a LOT of water and I use a tongue scraper everyday briefly but it never seems to do anything. It's driving me insane and I can't focus on anything without drinking water every minute. My mouth feels horrible and always has a stingy issue. My tongue feels very rough. I can't for example a mask on my face because it makes my mouth feel uncomfortable. I don't want to be wet by rain because my very dry mouth (even after all the water I've been drinking) annoys me. Please help. I am desperate. Thanks
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you can tell if you have dry mouth, if you are thirsty, or your mouth feel likes its coated with something.
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I can't imagine anyone not knowing whether they have dry mouth or not. Mine gets so bad that it is dry that I have to get swish & swallow from the dr. Cause it would cause like little. Blisters in my mouth.
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