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Dry/flaky skin on Penis head that peeled off and isn't healing - please advise


Three weeks ago I woke up to a patch of dry/flaky peeling skin on my penis head. It was whitish colored. I had never seen it before so I picked at it and peeled it off. It seemed to be the top layer of the skin and after coming off the area was very red, and very slightly bloody. The area remained red and usually becomes bright red after a hot shower or if lotion is applied. Otherwise upon waking up and when the penis is dry it’s not really red but almost blends into the surrounding skin but not quite, I can clearly see its not normal. The first two days,  it stung when I showered or applied anything to it like a cut would. After that it doesn’t hurt, sting, burn, itch or anything like that. It’s not raised and when I stretch out the skin it kind of disappears. I looked at it under bright light and it looked like a layer of skin was missing, and sometimes if I just leave it alone it will look like a scaly layer of skin is forming on it and when dry that area almost looks wrinkly.  The last time I had sex was first week of May 2013 and nothing since and that was protected.  
I have attached six photos taken three weeks after first appeared.  Sorry for so many pics,  don’t mean to be redundant but I want to make sure I paint an adequate enough picture  (also the link may have some ads above and below the picture  sorry about those please ignore)

http://postimg.org/image/wk22wvtpn  (dry)

http://postimg.org/image/r3qcmv30h  (wet penis)

http://postimg.org/image/mxa3l9ssh  (dry)

http://postimg.org/image/yd7dfeezb  (post shower)

http://postimg.org/image/l5uyj9fsz  (dry penis)

http://postimg.org/image/oatlqk7f9  (dry penis)

I have not applied anything to it except lotion and Vaseline.  Can you please advise me on what you think this is and what I can do to speed up the healing process.  I am hoping its just some irritation that will heal but after reading several posts here it could be anything. Kindly let me know what you think. Thank you.

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Thanks for posting your query.

I can understand your concern for the dry skin spot on penis. I have checked the photographs and two possibilities which are coming to my mind are:

1) Dermatitis skin or skin irritation. Peeling off the skin has caused chafing and moreover rubbing with clothes is causing further friction rub. For the same I suggest you to stop applying anything, use mild soaps like Dove, use lubrication during masturbation or intercourse, wear cotton clothes and use plain Vaseline.

2) Second possibility although less likely is of balanitis. Balanitis is an inflammation of the glans (the rounded head) of the penis and may be related to yeast infection or poor hygiene. What you need to do is consult a dermatologist and get a KOH examination of the skin scrapings of the penis and a biopsy of small skin sample done if the symptoms persist. KOH examination of the area will clarify whether it is balanitis due to fungal infection or not.

The condition has been persisting for three weeks and is more likely to be due to chafing skin. It should improve with the above mentioned measures. However if it persists for 1-2 weeks more then get a KOH examination of the skin scrapings to rule out any fungal infection caused due to balanitis.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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Hi Dr. Kaur,  

I appreciate your reply.  I wanted to point out too that I was diagnosed with genital warts back in July and was treated.  They were in the pubic region though and looked completely different and were gone with treatment.  Is there any possibility of this being a wart or do you think it's still benign skin irritation ?
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