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Extreme pruritus with temperature change below 60-55 degrees.

I have unexplained itching all over my body when the temperature outside drops below 60-55 degrees. I have had this since the fall of 2012. It is exhausting. The itching usually starts in my legs and progresses towards my head. My head and hands are usually unaffected. It is worsened by showing. I breakout in a red splotchy rash (not hives) from my feet to my face when I shower during the fall/winter. It again, usually starts in my legs. It is worsened, if cooler air from outside the shower comes in contact with my body. The rash usually lasts between 15-45 minutes. Intense itching continues until the outside temperature rises. It effects every aspect of my life. I cannot wear tight clothing. I cannot squat down, cross my legs, or bend over, or the itching is intensified.If I bend at my waist my upper back will start itching. If I cross my legs my legs will itch. I have to be careful how I lay or sit in bed, or the itching will increase. I have seen many doctors. No one has helped me. I have been tested for allergies.I have tried several antihistamines including, vistaril, benadryl, loratadine, chlorhexidine, zantac and zyrtec. I have also tried Lyrica. I have put every moisturizer, oil, and remedy I can think of on my skin. I have changed my hygiene products, soaps, laundry soap. Nothing has helped. I do not have dry skin. I have tried taking cooler showers. I don't know what else to do. I have been referred to Cleveland Clinic, but I am unable to afford to see a doctor there. They will not accept my insurance. I am miserable from the middle of September to May every year. I take hydroxyzine 50 my everyday @ bedtime, 200-700 mg of neurontin, and strattera 40 mg in the am, pyridium and flexeril as needed. I have stopped all medications, and it did not help. I have interstitial cystitis (diagnosed 2/2012) and fiber myalgia (diagnosed 8/2012). I have been tested for Cold Urticaria. The current diagnosis is aquagenic pruritus. That does not explain why it only happens when the temperature outside drops. I can jump in a cold pool outside in the summer or indoors in the winter and nothing happens. My neurologist can not rule out SFPN. Again, the closest place I can get tested is Cleveland Clinic.  Does anyone know what this could be? Any solutions or tests I could have done? Any treatments I have not tried. I even tried taking a hair dryer to my skin after a shower as a treatment for aquagenic pruritus.
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