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Eyebrow loss, AA related?

This is my case:
About a month ago, i noticed a small bald patch in my head, Iused onion since i read a scientific article with good results, and i have seen amazing results in my first week. But now i am noticing my eyelashes and eyebrows (EB) of my right eye are thinner, but its not a delimited area like AA, its like shedding.
I noticed this morning, ive been under stress since i just graduated a science bachelor (Biology) and this morning i presented my Masters exam, i noticed how almost the bare touch of my EB means one or two to fall.
I know i must visit a dermathologist but im short since i spent a lot in my collage fees, i just want to know if someone has a similar experience.
Do you think the eyebrows is because of stress?
Im trying to meditate, excersice, and be positive, i hope it helps.
Regards, and exuse my english, im not a native speaker.

26 year old male.
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When my sister was under a lot of stress this triggered a large patch of hair loss from her scalp and eyelashes.  I have a circular patch of hair that never grew back from AA.  We both have AA in remission. Pity the other three autoimmune diseases we have aren't! Grrr lol.  

I found an article about AA and stress from The World Alopecia Community - Alopecia Areata – What’s the connection?...

"Those of us who lose our hair from alopecia areata are genetically predisposed to this disorder. We can’t help it. It’s in our genes. But it’s NOT in everyone’s genes which is why 97.9% of the world’s population can process the stress stimuli without losing one hair and we, the awesomely fantastic 2.1%, are the ‘lucky’ ones who possess these genes which make us more susceptible."

"Always keep in mind, there is a difference between a ’cause’ and a ‘trigger.’ Stress did not CAUSE your hair loss but stress may have triggered it. The exact cause is unknown but it boils down to your immune system receiving faulty signals to attack your hair follicles. Stress does not CAUSE this chain reaction but it can TRIGGER the misfire. Besides, if we actually knew what the CAUSE was, we would be able to find a CURE."
Try onion, really, it's simply a homeopathic thing, it has scientific evidence. Just take one  half, chop  it, add a small piece of garlic and blend it. Store it in a glass bottle in the fridge, and apply 2 times a day.
Evidence showed growth in AA patients, 93% in men and 70% in woman, at week 6.
I actually feel lucky, stress can manifest in worst ways like gastric  lesions  that can cause stomach cancer, i feel this is a way of my body to tell me to calm down.
I try not to worry that much, there are people in worse scenarios, like vitiligo, or neurogenetic disaese.
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I have vitiligo actually lol.
I'm interested in the onion treatment but it has been decades with my patch of hair loss. Is the study on newly diagnosed AA?
I think i have vitiligo too, haha. When i was 15 these white marks apeard, i was treated and they are gone. My dermathologist told me it was because of stress. :/
Here is the article, you have nothing to lose, how much does an onion cost? Apply at morning and nights, leave it 30 min, and be patient, in my case i saw fast resulta, but sometimes it takes  more than a month.
As you said, stress is a triger, so try to love healthy and happy, even if it doesnt stop our  diseases, it's upon us  how we act front  of one, be strong my friend !

I want to add, wash it after 30 min, and sorry for the missspelling, my phone is in spanish and my autocorrector  keeps kicking in.
Lol. I did read ginkgo biloba could help to repigment vitiligo so I might see how that works out. And I'll try the onion. Thank God I don't have to sleep with onion on me lol! Thank you.  Gracias ;)
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