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Hands swell up and are itchy, occasionally, with one weird factor involved...

So, I'm stumped on this one, and I'll probably end up going to a doctor anyway, but my hands sometimes get swollen, and painfully itchy. The odd part is that it rarely ever happens, BUT it almost ALWAYS happens when I go to my local IKEA. I know it sounds like a joke, and the odd thing is I have purchased furniture from there, and haven't had any problems with it in my house, but I go to IKEA with my wife, and after walking around for only a couple minutes, even without touching anything in the store, my hands start swelling up and itching painfully bad. I wish I was making this up. I'd like to figure out some sort of treatment for when it does happen (I've tried some over the counter creams with zero effect), but I just find it almost hilarious how it always happens there. In my mind it means there has to be something there I'm reacting to, but I have no idea what it could be since it will start up without me ever touching anything.
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