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Has scar cream left rash on child's face?

My six year old kid received a long thin scratch on his cheek about a month ago. It seemed to go pale, which showed against his natural skin tone, and I was worried it would not face more.  I was recommended a cream ("Ella") and have applied it for about 4 weeks. I also used plasters during the day to stop the sun from getting to the scar (we live in Thailand and it is usually sunny).

The area it was applied to is now red and rough, and parts of the white scar line seem to have widened.  I have stopped using the cream. What should I do next?
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Did the doctor recommend the cream?  Sounds like he had a reaction- I'd take him to the doctor to have the reaction looked at.
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It was pharmacist who recommended it. It is very difficult to get minor problems to be taken seriously by doctors/people in my area- most said to do nothing at all (including don't bother keeping it out of the sun).  I now feel I have now made it worse.
You were just doing what you thought was best- I know that's hard when it seems like what you thought would help doesn't and it's your child.  Do you have anything like Vitamin E oil available to you?  That should be safe and help.  
The cream has Vitamin E in it, apparently.  I guess it could have been a heat rash from plaster wearing mixed with sweat.
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"...was worried it would not fade more", sorry.
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