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Help about my arms/rash

For the past 2 years, from about April - June, i randomly will start out with what looks like a mosquito bit, and then it gradually gets worse, actually a HUGE red itch rash either on my forearm, inner elbow, or top or arm.  It also gets hot sometimes.  I have been to dermatologist NUMEROUS times they have done about 6 biopsies.  Chalk it up to contact dermatitis/ezcema.  I have used clobetasol cream, prednisone etc.. could take weeks to go away.  Its so embarrassing !.  I have also been to an allergist specialist, yes i am allergic to ragweed and mold, so, is this rash coming out these times of the year because that stuff is airborne ?  I live upstairs in an apartment.  I DO NOT garden, nor go anywhere near grass.  I am 57 and this started at 55.  I hate it !... help....
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One of the tough things about eczema is that it can be hard to treat, and not all treatments work the same for all people.  Some other things that you can do to prevent it from appearing- switch to a different laundry detergent (totally fragrance free), switch anything that you put on your skin to fragrance free.  Also, keep a log of what you are doing, what you are eating, your stress level when you start to see the spot break out- while you had the allergy test, keeping a log can help you zero into those things that might trigger the eczema and help you prevent it in the future.  
Thank you so much for your response.  I did change detergent, softener and dryer sheets to all "Free" still got the rash... I will try to keep a closer on re-doing a log again.  I just found it weird that it would come the same time of the season thats why i thought it may be something out in the air...pollen...etc.  
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