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Help my penis! 7 doctors are stumped and I'm out of money and sanity.

21 year old male. The problem started a few years ago when I first became sexual activate. I’ve been tested for STDs all of which came back negative. My penis (especially the glans) is extremely sensitive to the touch. Just rubbing my finger across the glans feels like sandpaper. The scrotum is usually red, but there isn’t any pain involved with that. I’ve only had one sexual encounter since developing the problem (oral sex) and that was one of the most painful experiences of my life. Masterbation is also a rarity because of the pain.
I have seen 2 GPs, 2 urologists, and 2 dermatologists. Most have said that they've never seen anything like it. Take a look for yourself:
So far I have tried: Neosporin + Pain Relief, clotrimazole (Lotrimin), Calamine lotion, miconazole, miconazole powder, drying area with hair dryer & wearing loose cotton underwear, Allergy-free laundry detergent, fabric softner, soap, moisturizer, oil-free moisturizer, baby oil, talc powder,
vitamin E oil, and DIFLUCAN (fluconazole)
Nothing has cured the problem, and only the moisturizer seems to temporality relieve the pain. I can hardly put on pants or walk up a flight of stairs any more. I was on 20MG of Lexapro, but just switched to 50MG of Zoloft since my depression is currently at it’s worst (because of this problem). I'm currently on a gap year from college, trying to solve this issue. My family wants to admit me to a psych ward because I’m completely losing my mind.
My only guess would be genital dysaesthesia , but any other help will be greatly appreciated.
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Look up visualization and how it can help, and if you want some scientific background of how that could possibly be real check out the " holographic model" of the universe . If you understand that everything is both waves and matter at the same time, (its quantum physics!) and that everything in existence is actually decoded into existence by us, out of one pool of waves... we can then understand how treatments that some are skeptical of, such as visualization and traditional healing and even things like accupuncture, actually work. ( its by using to your advantage the fact that your thoughts are waves and so are you!)
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Hey Man, Male Genital Dysaesthesia --- ive been at it for 6 months and every article and every forum leads to this or psoriasis.

Ive tried everything so far. and ready to give up.

Apparently there is no known cure... We have to stay strong man. its the only way to go on with life. it doesnt bother me when im sitting or lying down. I wear tight briefs, it helps a bit.

Hopefully it goes away.
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I've been going through the same thing for the last 8 months. I KNOW what your feeling. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Does anyone ever recover from this?
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