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Hi there what home remedy can dry up an abscess?

I think it’s Mrsa because I got an antibiotic for it but it came back in the same place
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If it was Mrsa it would be a whole lot worse than that.  Antibiotics often work quickly but also can create the conditions for a repeat of an infection and chronic problems because they also kill off the beneficial organisms that protect us from disease.  This might have happened in your case.  Other times it can take more than one treatment to cure an infection, and anther consideration is that antibiotics don't treat whatever caused this to occur in the first place, they just kill off fungus or bacteria.  A return trip to the doc might be in order, but discuss the downsides of antibiotics as well and probiotics.  Sometimes with chronic recurring fungal or bacterial infections a more holistic approach becomes necessary so you can actually fix the underlying problem.  As for "home" remedies, there is only medicine.  Some of it is medication and physician prescribed.  Sometimes it is plant based or utilizing other healing modalities, but all are just medicine and therefore all need you to know what it is you're actually dealing with and then how to treat it.  Professionals who treat with other modalities are naturopaths, herbalists, etc.
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