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Hives for 6 months....only symptom.....

I have had hives for about 6 months. Prior to getting hives I had gotten sick. The hives started off small, one a week. In February they went away and about 2 weeks ago got really bad. Before they got bad, I developed a cough, I have sinus headaches and I have alot of drainage from my nose. I had blood work done and my immunoglobin A is high and my C Reactive Protein is high. It's not an allergy, as I get them all the time or, as before, once a week. I've been tested for cancer, autoimmune, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis. Everything came back normal. Hives is the only symptom i have. Because I got sick and it got worse, could it be respiratory? Also I should mention that my white blood cell count was normal, but my red was a little elevated. Any help or input would be awesome! Thank you in advance
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Hives can be super tricky to figure out the cause- sometimes it can even be something like stress.  I have a friend who gets them regularly and they have run all the tests and done just about everything they can, but still can't figure out where they are coming from.  She now is on a very restricted diet, adding in things gradually to see if it's a food issue (most allergy tests showed nothing, but they are taking this precaution now).

I can't tell you what the cause of the hives are, but I can tell you to keep going back to the doctor and pushing for answers- there is a cause, it's just really hard to figure it out.  Try to reduce any stress you may be experiencing as well- even if stress isn't the sole cause, it will help.  
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Just wanted to check to see how you were doing?  How's the hives?  Were you able to get back to a doctor to work on getting better answers?  
I have an appointment on the 6th. I also scheduled an endoscopy with my gi doctor to see if something is going on in my stomach. They are getting worse and I can't find a trigger. It's so frustrating, especially because that's the only symptom I'm having. Thanks for checking back in!
So glad to hear that you are taking some steps to see more doctors- the GI doctor is a great idea.  So sorry you have to wait until the 6th to get in- I know hives can be torture!  :(  I hope you get some relief soon.  
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