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How Do I Get My Former Skin Back? Badly Needed.

Hi, good day.

I've had a rather long history of recurring rashes and/or irritation on my groin (esp. the parts between my thighs and my genitals) and on my glutts. For now my case has become better than before, but it will still come back every now and then, especially when I get to miss a shower due to my duties in school, stuff like that.

But what I'm really most alarmed about is what's left in there. It made my skin darker, coarser, than the rest of my skin. I used to be really fair-skinned, all over, and my skin was really healthy and smooth, especially those parts. But now it just is very bad there. I don't like it, obviously. It's so detrimental and depressing, if I'd be ask, especially considering that I still want to be a model.

What I want to ask, I guess, are four things. What happened to me, exactly? Is there still a relief to make it go away? How do I get back my original skin? And how long does it take to start going back to my old complexion, and to see the final result?

Please. I really need your help. It's depressing, you know.

Thank you.
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You need to go to your dermatologist that he knows what was troubling you before. Have you  used  any steroids? if the previous skin condition has gone for good maybe you can take some isotretinoin pills for 4 to 6 months to see how it goes. Ask your doctor
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