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How do I get rid of this rash on my lips?

Have a look at the photo, I have had this rash around my lips on and off for 2 years. It is around my lips 6/7 days of the week. It's sometimes dry, sometimes itchy because of irritation, It's sometimes more red or more pink some days. Certain things I eat such as citrus foods sometimes set it off and make it more red and have a burning sensation. I use my exma cream as a treatment on the rash because it soothes and makes the redness appear less red. I get cold sores once every 2-3 months (It might have a connection, it might not I don't know). I have been to dermatologists, doctors and my have even asked my dentist what it could be and they all don't know what it is. I have dry skin and get exma on my arms but the exzma cream doesn't help 100%.  I just want a name for this rash, and a treatment to get rid of it 100%! Are there are creams or anything that could fix my problem? Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
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Steroid cremes used for eczema are contraindicated around and on the lip since they can lead to atrophy.
You can get a patch test to locate the allergen, generally citrus group.
Sunscreens do help if there is a photosensitivity component.
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Thank you for your reply, I have put soothing lip balm, vaseline and moisturizer on constantly throughout the day for 2 years. They do not help. It's not the fact that the rash is dry, its always there, always red, always noticeable. It's always feels like it is irritated even with applied lip balm, paw paw cream or vaseline
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Allergic contact chelitis associated with atopic dermatitis.
Vaseline or emollients help.
Do consult doc.
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