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How do I know if I have a bad infection like MRSA

Ok so I fell on the ice at work and cut my hand open pretty good . I took really good care of the cut , changing the bandage a few times a day . And now almost two weeks after it happened , I have thought for the past week that it was completely healed . But then this morning I thought I saw a little piece of hair or something sticking out of it ..so I grabbed my tweezers and tried to pull it out . And it pushed a hole right through the top of the scab. There was mostly just a little blood underneath ..but the fact that it just was so soft after this long  has me freaking out that its something bad . I dont want to go to the hospital and pay 1000 + dollars just for them so tell me it's fine
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It was probably just healing.  No pus?  That's usually the sign of infection.  That's my guess.  I'd give it more of a chance to heal.  My son had a staph infection on his skin . . . hard to misidentify as something you don't want.  This doesn't sound like that. But give it a few days and see if it scabs over again. Let us know!
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I agree with specialmom- doesn't sound like an infection.  Is the area hot to the touch?  Have you noticed any pus leaking out, swelling, or streaks coming from the area?  Have you had a fever?  If you haven't had any of those things- it sounds like it's taking time for it to heal.  

How are things going now that it's been a few days?  
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