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How serious is this and how do I get any physician to b

for the past few years I have been in and out of the hospital. supposedly with 6 different kinds of infections accompanied by bacterial Pnemonia. E-coli, MRSA, Staff twice, Strep and 1 other. all back to back. Malnutrition accompanied the last
I have been out for over a year but with a lot of very strange symptoms. Mostly skin. I have so many different colors of soft and hard discharge and red, white, tan, brown and black patches on m arms. My fingers and a lot of m joints hurt. I literally have wet discharge coming from my skin. I am cleaning up the splatters and the mess 20 to 24 hrs. A day. I can't sleep and have went from 125 to 84 lbs. although I eat like a pig. Mohave County has the worst medical care ever and after repeated attempts I now will not step foot inside any medical faculty around. I can't take much more mentally or physically.
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So sorry for all you are going through!  Is it possible for you to travel to another facility?
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Thanks so much. I have traveled to another city but with the same response and again no testing done. The response I always get is oh, she must be on drugs. I'm so frustrated.  Have thought of going to Vegas but can't afford it right now. Still thinking... Thank you
I'm so sorry they are not willing to help!  Have you just gone to the emergency room or have you done out patient care with a doctor?  
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