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I got a weird circular mark on my chest area right side what could it be?

I got a circular mark on my chest it bleeds barely but still bleeds I tested it with a small piece of napkin and I want to know what this is I’m thinking the worst thing possible like a ulcer? But I can’t say that for sure I took a picture but this question page doesn’t offer to upload those when making this question
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You can google "cure for ringworm".  Since it's fungal,  there are over the counter creams that are used to treat the spots.  
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Is it ringworm?  Google that for an image.  Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection that's pretty easy to cure.
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It may be it looks similar to those pictures so what do I need to do to cure it?
it could be another kind of fungal infection called Valley Fever.  coccidioides.  there is a test, but i am not sure there is a cure for it.  i have it, and fight it daily with herbs, garlic, clove oil, ingested or applied to the skin.  been suffering 2 years and just recently found the name of my disease.  also, have tried many products and clove oil is the one to start with.  i cleared the lesions on both legs with it straight up on the skin many times a day.  there is no overnight cure, but their numbers can be cut down if you work it.
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