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I have rashes on body, it is expanding, French GP or dermatologist have no idea.

Hey everyone,

Here are the pictures:

French guy, 24 (I have checked but I'm sure some errors in my writing will remain). Had eczema when I was 12 and 18. Have dermatitis seborrhoeic on my face (light).

BEGINNING: I have had those rashes on the body for 4 months.
First, it began with a lot of small pimples (white just a little bit of white in them), on the right shoulder. Then it turned into a rash, the shape of where were located those pimples which have disappeared. Then it, the same stuff happened, on the left shoulder plus a small part of the right biceps. Pimples, rash. Then it happened on the penis, like a balanitis. (white, small cuts and tighter).
The rashes then became more red, with small cuts or crevasses and they were very dry.
I always feel tinckeling when I start doing sports for about 1-2 min then it's gone.

GP ADVICE and TREATMENT: I went to the GP, he said that it could be eczema so he gave me Dexeryl and some cortisone. I have put it, it went away but not completely. The skin still had this yellow-ish color, not quite like my normal skin.
Then 2 months later, the big rashes on the shoulders were again really red and again with the small cuts or crevasses and still very dry.
Worse it was spreading, I then had small rashes, like the pics on the back.of my armpits. I didn't noticed the pimples, but it's on my back so who knows.

GP ADVICE II: I went back, he told me it's maybe a mycosis. So he gave me ketoderm for 2 weeks. But, it was irritated like before, no change.

DERMATOLOGIST: I went in, he came with his interns they looked and gave me an appointment in 2 weeks because they have no idea of what I have.
Today, I noticed on on my pectoral on the front. It continue to "spread" but I have no idea what to do besides not-really-effective cortisone, and no idea what it is.
So here I am, maybe someone outside of France has an idea that I can share with them.
I hope someone has an idea.
PS : I have a dog and, it has nothing like I have on its body.
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