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Inflamed bottom lip

Hello doctors,

I have what I can only describe as inflamed inside bottom lip. It like I have extra layer skin feels raised and smooth. It gets inflamed and irrated when drinking acidic drinks. Salt gargle make it feel better but not for long.
I’ve also been suffering from dry mouth, not sure if this due to to high levels of stress as it come and goes.
I’ve had this for over three weeks, also have sore side of the toungue. I’ve stopped using my mouth wash recommend by dentist. Is this a fugal infection what is the best way to treat this ?

Thank you
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It's very difficult to say what the cause of an inflammation is without seeing it in person and gathering more of your medical history.  Did the dentist recommend a mouth wash after seeing the irritation or is that unrelated?  If it's bothering you, I'd have a doctor take a look.  It doesn't sound fungal-that's usually white in color and not just in one spot.  
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Hi purple,
Thanks for replying, the dentist recommended I stop using all mouth washes, as I was using corsodyl and normal mouthwash. Corsodyl which made it feel better but was causing my tongue to burn.

Medical history I’ve never had this before, but has been a result of being under a massive amount of stress from  from having oral sex with a CSW due to me believing I was getting hiv, but the forum doctors have told this is not possible.
the inflammation of the mouth came after a few weeks from suffering dry mouth a lot, not sure if that was stress related.
The only way I can describe it, is that mouth lining is swollen..
Any help appreciated.

Did the dentist who recommended stopping the mouth wash take a look at the irritations?  Have you seen a medical professional for this specifically?
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