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Inflamed follicle won’t heal?

I guess I should start with the fact that I’m a 17 year old girl with a conservative mother. So I’ve never spoke to her of anything involving my “pubic area”. But usually after I shave I get at least on or two small reddish bumps that I always assumed are inflamed follicles or ingrown hairs, as they usually go away within a week. Sometimes I pick at them even when I shouldnt. One of these bumps, however, kept expanding ? Like started out small but kept getting wider and worse in color to the point it was purple and the size of a dime. I’ve been living with this thing for 3 (?) months now and it will bleed on and off but never fully scabs over just scabs onto the inside of my panties which then gets ripped open when I take the off. There’s no pain around it other than the sting of it being an open wound. What do I do to make it heal?
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I agree, it sounds like you have an infected hair follicle.  If it's been there three months, it might be a good idea to have a doctor take a look at it to see if it needs treated.  If it's getting reopened a lot though, it may be the cause of it not healing.  Can you wear loser fitting under garments?  That may help.  Also, not picking at it.  You may try using some cream like Neosporin or a healing balm on the spot too.  
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