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Internal Psoriasis ?

I am on loan from my home forum. Multiple sclerosis . Recently an on and off rash under my breasts as well as my bikini line scar from yrs ago surgeries,has become really bad., 20+ years having MS I have been numb and rash can become very bad (hot and itchy) below my belly button  gets bad before I am aware.
Under my breasts it's crazy red hot and itchy. All along these years I have treated it with nystatin powder, and cream as well as a steroid cream.  Monday after posting here and helpful comments, I saw a dermatologist . From looking at me and asking a few questions, he did a biopsy on the underside of R breast. One stitch. He said he thinks I have internal psoriasis. I find lots of info abt other types of psoriasis , but I am unclear what the heck internal psoriasis  is. The doc said when biopsy returns we will know and figure out what to do.
Wondering if anyone is familiar with the definition of internal psoriasis ? Duration? Treatment? Thank you for reading and sharing all that u do.  Mcnickyo
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I don't know what internal psoriasis is either, but I have Celiac and a patch of psoriasis over my ribs.  What has worked best for me has been opening a capsule of vitamin D oil and putting it on the area.  It reduces the redness significantlly.  Psoriaflora cream was somewhat helpful, but not as helpful as the vitamin D capsule.  I also take vitamin D internally.  I have been taking 1000 or 2000 mg, but I read about somebody whose psoriasis goes away when she takes 5000 mg.  I have not tried that yet.  Vaseline actually helps some.  Anything but the dreadful stuff dermatologists prescribe.
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What do the derm docs try to have their patients take. Thank u for writing, and sharing the info about what helps u. Did u ever hear of a biopsy for psoriasis ? Not till looking online did I even kno there were so many varieties. The doc asked if I have joint pain and I said yes (0f course, 40 lbs overweight just in last half a year, working with a nutritionist ),.i said I have fibromyalgia , ms and some other things..point being I have a lot of chronic pain. Derm doc said well maybe u will have internal or interval psoriasis ....I don't know. I hope in 2 weeks I will know.thanks again for writing. Nicky
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Update. Now I know it's called inverse psoriasis. It's what I have under my breasts.
The rash in my groin derm says isn't psoriasis but yeast inf. gone wild.
It's hard to wear undies now, not just bras before this addition .
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