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Is this a form of Eczema?

A few days ago I had woke up to what it appears to be some kind of rash on my finger joints. It is INSANELY itchy, red, and sore. (a sensation that feels like something is crawling alllll over my fingers) It is a hassle to even open a water bottle. At night it seems to itch even more so, and does not respond well to hot water/ shower. Not noticeable unless I lose self control and scratch like a crazy person lol... I have uploaded some pictures as well.

A couple of things that may be of help to know:

1) I believe I have a gluten allergy
2) A week or so ago I finished an antiviral acyclovir (for HSV-1)
3) I have been using Amoxicilin for my cold (past few days)
4) I've taken Claritin since it started (not much help at all)
5) Could it be from using too much Coconut oil at once on my hands?

Things I've tried:
1) Soaking in white vinegar (seems to really calm it down)
2) I'm now trying vitamin e oil as a topical
3) Taking a probiotic
4) Currently slamming waters




IN the picture I have vitamin e oil on it so it looks more obvious.
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Lichen simplex.
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It looks like contact dermatitis, if that helps.  First thing I thought was scabies, but I think that would be more between your fingers.
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