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Itchy Rashes

Please like to mention that since about 2 months, I have been getting these dermatitis type patches on my legs, arms, inner thighs, buttocks and one recently on my upper lip.

When it starts it is reddish colour and small, but gradually it becomes bigger.

It us very stingy type itchy, with darkish red in the middle surrounded by small bumps.( Enclosed are the photos as it appears on my legs and arm. There is no oozing from these, but only they are very Itchy and stinging feel.

I am using Clobovate Ointment on these spots.
When I use this ointment, the itching subsides, and the patch seems to dry up, from the outer side.

Also like to mention that I am regularly  taking Surbex Z.
Since March 2019, I have been taking Glyvisol syrup, 2 times daily, 01 tablespoon after meals.( Brocher attached).

Also since March 2019,  I am taking Enrich syrup, 02 times daily, 01 table spoon, before meals.
Since last week I am taking Enrich 01 time, 01TS, daily.

I would be thankful for your reply, very hopeful that this nerve racking menace is gone for good.
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Have you seen a doctor about this?

Since it's lasted a couple of months, it's time to see your doctor. Rashes can be so many things - allergic reactions to food, medications, supplements, lotion, soap, detergent, etc., eczema, dermatitis, a fungal infection, caused by a medical condition - the list is very long.

You'll need to see your doctor to get it evaluated and determine what it's causing it.
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