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Itchy bumps on arms, legs and feet.

To go back to the beginning, a week ago I woke up with 3 or 4 little bumps on my left forearm. They do not become agitated until I scratch them, and if not scratched they fade away to almost nothing, and are itchy sometimes.
I didn't think much of it, until every night I would go to bed and wake up with more, randomly during the day I would notice myself scratching them and the little bumps would show up out of no where and get irrated. I started getting paranoid after people started suggesting bed bugs. I went to the medi clinic and he said bed bugs immediately. The thing is though, they don't look like bites... they're not red, or bloody, and theres no impact site. It just looks like a pink raised bump that looks agitated when I stratch it. My boyfriend and cat are also completely fine and have not been bitten/or are stratching. I know not everyone has a reaction to bed bugs but I find this strange. We also checked all over our bedroom. We did not find shed skin, feces, there is not strong smell, we cannot produce a single bug, and there are no blood trails on our very light sheets. We have lived in this building for months with nothing, and it happened just starting last week while incredibly stressed, however my stress levels evened out I believe and it's still happening. It just doesn't seem to make sense. My mother things I have a vitamin deficency, my boyfriend thinks I'm allergic to the litter the cat brings in on it's paws to bed, and the medi clinic said bed bugs. I have no idea whats causing it and am losing sleep over it.  
The spots are random, some days I have more than others, I have one on my right hand. several on my lower left leg and foot, and several on my left forearm. Nothing on my right arm, neck, shoulders, face, head etc.
I washed my sheets because it was happening and no change there, so it's not the detergent and the only new product I'm using is a new toothpaste.

Can be bed bugs because
-itchy like mosquito bites
-Cluster of 6 on my leg
-Happens only where my clothes are not
-Go to bed wake up with some

Not likely to be bed bugs because
-most itchy spots are in random places and individual
-no entry part/red/bloody marks
-BF and cat are fine
-have not seen a single bug
-cannot find evidence of habitation
-we have not introduced anything new into the environment and have lived here for months and months
-I wear short shorts to bed, no bites on my thighs, upper arms, neck, face and other exposed areas.
-bites are not in triangles, groups of three, or in a straight line

I slept on the couch last night and took allergy pills and all the bumps are no longer "itchy" or "active" except one.

Any help would be useful.
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Did you ever figure out what they were?  This sounds indentical to what my teenage daughter is experiencing .  Thanks!
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