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Itchy penis head and migrating red rash

Age : 25
Sex: M
Height: 6''
Weight: 150
Race: White
Duration of complaint: few weeks/on and off for a year
Location (Geographic and on body): Penis
Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): Eczema, IC
Current medications (if any): Elidel, Desoxymethazone
Include a photo if relevant (skin condition for example):

---NSFW Pictures--- http://i.imgur.com/4NJ31Oa.jpg http://i.imgur.com/yEfYdHX.jpg http://i.imgur.com/t1loPXm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VYGU5IK.jpg http://i.imgur.com/rwjKgvf.jpg

I should start off by saying I've had eczema for about 5 years now. It was mainly on my hands and back of my legs, but never migrated to my penis. I'm also a virgin and total loser when it comes to anything at all social, so it can't be an STD.

About a year ago the tip of my **** had what appeared to be a rash/rough patch of skin. I thought it was from too much masturbating, so i held back for abit. The problem is, every time the urge came on and it blew up, the rash would flare up again and healing would stop.

Eventually I went to my dermatologist and got it checked out just in case. He didn't see anything and gave me a sample of Elidel to put on it just in case it was eczema. It cleared up a bit for a few months, but now it has returned and migrated to the other side of my penis hole. This time it also comes with some really awful itching right under the bottom of the head on both sides (im cut). It's not bleeding and doesn't even really look red down there, but itches like nuts, especially when it's hard.

I bought a fleshlight thinking I was having an allergic reaction to the way I was masturbating, and it made it all around worst. So I stopped completely for a week and went on a diet that clears my eczema up (basically just rice and chicken for a week). My hand eczema cleared up, but not the penis. The tip is starting to lose some of the red patch, but the itchy bottom of the head is still going strong.

I've tried moisturizing it constantly with the same stuff I use for my hands, and that doesn't seem to do much for the itching. Unfortunately I am out of the sample tube of Elidel and don't have health insurance for a few months so I can't go get more. What little I had left didn't seem to do anything for the itching anyway.

Is there anything else I can try while waiting for the insurance to kick in?
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I should note that it usually only gets itchy when hard
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