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Im a 21 yr old female & About a week ago i noticed a rash on my left inner thigh near my vaginal area & it was itchy, so i took a bath & watched it so on Monday i went to look at it before i showered & i noticed that it had spread to my left side on my inner thigh & it had became flaky like dead skin so then i ended up taking another bath & putting a cool compress on it so today it has spread even more its on my vaginal area now & its itchy only when its been bothered with what do i do? Please help
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It sounds like it might be an irritation from friction- like clothing rubbing up against it, or sweat.  You mentioned putting a cold compress on it- was that because of pain or itching?  You can try to keep the area dry and wear loser fitting clothing to see if that helps- but to be certain of the cause, you need to see a doctor that can examen you in person and gather more of your medical history.  
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There is no pain its just itching when bothered with thats why i put the cool compress on there after a bath and thank you for your help i already made an appointment to get it checked❤
Glad to hear you have an appointment- that's the best way to go!  Let us know how you are doing.
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