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Large bumps are hard and grow

I have had these bumps in my scalp for yrs. They are flesh colored, hard, they don't move but 2 have now become 1. They only hurt when I press on them and they have grown from pea sized to now the largest one being the size of a quarter and about half an inch in height. 3 doctor looked 2 said they were fat pockets. The other was concerned but I lost that doctor due to insurance switch. My new doctor thinks nothing of it an won't refer me to a dermatologist. I had cervical cancer before from HPV. When I asked If that could be a contributor I was laughed at. So far everywhere I have looked for answers I fall short. What could it be? I have tried topicals and been in antibiotics but nothing takes them away, and now I have 4 newer ones. They all grow at different rates but all of them are under the skin on top of my skeletal scalp. What else can I do or say to get someone to check them out properly?
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