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Left side of scrotum is red and a little itchy

ge:18, Male (Sexually Inactive)

Whenever it's a hot day the skin on my scrotum develops red and itchy bumps like that of mosquito bites, also the scrotum feels a bit sticky due to moisture, I can also notice pieces of dead skin the next day. I've never seen blood on the area. I've never had any sexual contact so there's no chance of STD. Mostly it happens on the left side of scrotum and the right side is completely fine.

There is no pain in testicles.

It started two months ago when I woke up and left side of scrotum was itchy, red and a little swollen more like curly. The affected part of scrotum is usually red and there is dead skin on that part, even if I peel that dead skin off it comes back after two or three days.

Nowadays the dead skin doesn't appear as it used to, it has almost disappeared, the scrotum doesn't itch but there are still light red mosquito bite like spots on my scrotum which appear and disappear as they please. There is no pus. I once tried applying Soframycin on the scrotum and it got worse, same happened when it's hot and I sweat.

Could it be Fungal Infection or some other thing ?
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