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Lip Rash

i currently have these really tiny bumps on my top lip. You are unable to see them unless you’re super close and have a good light on them. It’s more towards where my top and bottom lip meet. I was wondering what this is? It doesn’t hurt, they don’t itch, i can’t tell when they’re coming and I’ve been super aware of my lips to see if there’s been any signals but there isn’t. It happens randomly. They’re gone within about three days and then come back a week later. I’ve been to my doctor and she couldn’t see them and told me not to worry about it but it’s quite annoying when i put on chapstick and feel them. Any suggestions on how i can relive this
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Hi, I've been dealing with EXACTLY what you described! Haven't did any info online... Started about a year ago. Sandy feeling only goes away if I use listerine or salt water gargle. But will then come right back if go a day without that. I'm worried it's a fungal infection and don't have insurance. Did you ever get yours cleared up and find out what it was?
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Haven't FOUND*any info online...
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It sounds like it might just be a part of your skin- if it's something that bothers you cosmetically, you can pursue seeing a dermatologist (another one if the doctor you saw was one) to see if they can do anything about them.  The signs you want to watch for, for health reasons is itching, pain, or sudden growth or changing of the spots.  
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