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I googled and scared myself silly
March 2017 I was scratching my back and noticed something that hurt like a pimple...okay so that just be what it is right? Next day it doesn't hurt at all so I just leave it alone. Few weeks later I look again and it's still there. This small brownish/reddish tear drop shaped lesion... So I decided to Google it and MELANOMA  came up and scared me silly. I had never even heard of melanoma so I'm doing all my research, crying, scaring myself some more. I then decide I just need to get rid of it myself (stupid I know) I used baking soda and a bandaid and it scabbed over (I picked it...yes I know I'm gross) it grew back a while later only this time it looks a darker brown than before. So fine stay there then!
June 2019 I'm scratching my back again and knick the stupid thing..  it scabbed and again I turn to evil Dr Google and scared my self stupid
I went to a GP while I was having a panic attack over this thing...he took a look and said it looks fine and melanoma usually have sharp borders and mine doesn't look THAT sharp (I'm a hypochondriac and I analyzed every word he said and what tone he used) he diagnosed me with General Anxiety and Depression.
So am I being crazy or should I worry about this mole?
It's brown, doesnt seem to have grown, doesn't hurt or itch. Only thing bothering me is the shape (tear drop) and the change in color from light brown to darker brown. Dr said it looked pretty small (3.5mm)
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Just keep an eye on it.  If it's melanoma, it will grow and change.  The changes to date are likely due to the attention you've been giving it.  Just leave it completely alone and watch for changes.  
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