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My thong cut me where the slit is? Now there’s little pimples? Help! :(

I wore too tight of a thong I guess and the thong part cut my butt cheeks in half. So there was a little slit in between my buttocks, it was sore for a day or two but then it turned into little pimples around the top part in between my buttocks, not anywhere near my anus. They are not really itchy just sore! I’ve been cleaning with ivory soap, using peroxide, cottonelle wipes and keeping the area dry with toilet paper. What’s going on? It’s embarrassing to ask but better safe than sorry!
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Just guessing, but it sounds as if, yes, your thong was too tight. In addition, it sounds as if you may be having an allergic phenomenon to the material and/or the color of the thongs.

Methinks avoid all soaps; clean primarily with tepid water and/or Cottonelles. You will need to exercise more care in the future, or it will recur.

For quick healing and comfort at this time, buy some Eucerin cream or ointment and glob it on the affected area 3 times daily.
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