I have an almost perfect row of bumps around my corona, well almost all the way around, NEVER change size, but sometimes they do change color, sometimes redish, pinkish and sometimes skin color. I went to a dermatologist thinking it was genital warts, he looked at them and told me it was not HPV but pearly penile papules. Ok now, I told him I had felt burning sensations for about a year and five months, on and off burning sensation, since my very first sexual encounter, he asked If I had any STD test done back then I told him yes, I had a Syphilis test, negative, and a  genital Herpes test done a few months after the sexual encounter, also negative. The burning sensation is not always there, I had not gotten it maybe 6 months or more. It only came back last week when I was paranoid thinking I had Genital Warts. I have never had any type of sores or any discharge of any kind. the Burning Sensation is on my testicles right now, but sometimes it is on my penis, and very few times I get in on the back of my neck, and legs. Also I always have protected sex, always use condom.

Could the burning sensation be any type of STD?
should I get any more test done?
could this burning sensation be anxiety?

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Yes, I think these sensations are anxiety.  The doctor's diagnosis sounds correct.  There's nothing you've mentioned that sounds like an STD, an tingling is not a sign of STD's, just of worry about STD's.  If your anxiety persists despite medical reassurance and safe sex practices, you probably should look into getting help dealing with it.


Dr. Rockoff
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