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Peculiar situation with insect bites or stings

In the past 2--3 months I have had 5 or 6 insect bites or stings.  Itchy, but not painful.  Very small red sites, on my belly, waist, ankle, 1 or 2 other places.  Seem to occur at night. We both sleep naked.  She's unaffected. Itch cream (? lanacaine 4%) sometimes works, sometimes not.

The question:  where could these bites or stings be coming from?  I live in Boston suburb, windows always closed, woods behind the house. I spend almost no time outside.  My wife inspects the sheets carefully every morning for evidence of bugs, but has found nothing. We never see any insects anywhere in the bedroom.  And anyway insect season has passed.  This has nver happened before.

I am 78 y.o. white male in excellent health (well-controlled hypertension, gout, elevated cholesterol, prostate ca 2 years ago, cured, now have very low PSA).
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Do you get this every night?
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No.  Had it randomly for a few weeks, have not had it for several weeks.  Perhaps because the insects are dead?
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Exact same situation here that I posted a few days ago. We check for any signs of insects in the bedroom and bed, thoroughly clean everything but I still end up with bumps that itch a lot for a couple of days after. Hopefully we will find an answer.
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