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Penis rash and genital pain won't go away

About 6 months ago I tore my frenulum during intercourse. About 4 weeks later it happened again. I do not think I let it heal properly. My frenulum is now fine but since then I have experienced almost constant TESTICULAR PAIN, PAIN ON THE HEAD OF MY PENIS AND IN MY LOWER ABDOMEN and hightened sensitivity to the cold (my penis almost disappears when it is cold out). I have developed a rash that just looks like small red bumps on the head of my penis. They get worse with friction. I bike a lot so when I wear bike shorts it is constantly uncomfortable. The rash just seems to be getting worse. I've been to 10 different doctors and been tested for stds several times. They all say I do not have an STD. They say I do not have herpes. They tell me it isn't genital warts either.  Furthermore  even though I have had unprotected sex in the past I can not think of one woman I have slept with who would have given me an STD (I know STDs can be dormant and show no symptoms but I do not have one nights stands or sleep with promiscuous woman and know my partners very well, but I have had unprotected sex since then with my girlfriend while my symptoms were at there worst and she has not experienced any type of symptom or even noticed).

I figure the only way I could have warts or herpes is from myself (I have a history of cold sores and have had warts on my hands but have always tried to be careful not to touch one then the other without washing my hands). The little red dots on my penis are getting worse. As I said it has been six months. They are the worst right around the tip of my penis (I"m uncircumcised) as that is where it rubs the most on my underwear or during sex (I always use a condom now).  When I have an erection the bumps are much more noticeable, it almost looks like the deep red bumps on a persons face who has serious acne (of course much smaller). They do not blister or scab but they seem to be spreading (just on the head of my penis). They are barely noticeable accept after vigorous activity or sex.

I have suffered from terrible anxiety and stress, I am even losing my hair. I have almost constant pain (more like discomfort) on the head of my penis and in my anus (feels like I have sandpaper between my cheeks) for 6 months now. I have seen a urologist and several doctors. I am going to see a dermatologist very soon. I am having troubles sleeping now and have started drinking more. I am only 21 years old and can not even justify a past sexual partner giving me and STD, they are all very safe.  Like I said the only way I can think even imagine having herpes or warts is from myself and from what I have researched that is highly unlikely.

Originally some doctors thought I had a yeast infection but I have been treated with 6 different kinds of creams (prescription) with zero to extremely little benefit, same thing with pills for yeast or worms.  

The symptoms are always present but seem to be milder for a a week or two at a time then they return, usually during periods of higher sexual acitivity or increased friction (I bike at least 3 times a week in spandex).

Lastly when I say my anus is constantly itchy and painful I mean constantly even when the other symptoms seem to decrease for a while. There is frequently blood on the toilet paper after  a bowel movement.

No one wants an STD but even more importantly I do not want to be spreading one. I have been very active for years, exercising almost daily. I recently returned from traveling in europe for 6 months, sleeping in hostels and not maintaining my regular hygiene standards. Also I have very sensitive skin. Any constant rubbing of metal on my skin will develop a rash, a history of eczema.. Please help I don't know what to do and it is becoming unbearable.

thank you to anyone who replies.
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Did u ever find out what was going on?
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