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Persistent and extremely itchy rash in taint and buttcrack

I have a very stubborn rash that I've had for many years now that I desperately need help in getting rid of. The rash is located along the seam of my taint (right behind my testacles) and extends up into my lower and possibly upper buttcrack (can't tell if the rashes are the same one or different). The rash's appearance is a light grey-ish pink/red compared to my light brown skin tone, but when it gets really dry and itchy it's more of a scaley white appearance, and is also slightly puffy/inflamed compared to the rest of my skin. It can either be more on the moist side or extremely dry and scaley, usually one or the other, but either way they itch just as bad. After an itching episode, I usually feel a stinging and burning sensation where I had itched, usually because more of my raw skin becomes exposed and since that area stretches and moves a lot, it tears at the wounds even more. This burning sensation can also just happen randomly, even if I hadn't itched it in hours, maybe because it's trying to heal although it unfortunately never does all the way. The itching sensation is incredibly intense and can be triggered even more after sex, sitting for a long time, a bike ride, even walking can feel like I'm tearing my taint with every stride. I can wake myself up at night because I catch myself scratching it ferociously, and unfortunately have little control over that.
It is the same for the rash in my buttcrack, it is also slightly puffy and inflamed, reddish pink in color, and is usually either dry or moist as well. Although the rash in my crack is more patch-like on the sides of my cheeks rather than a long linear strip like the one in my taint/lower butthole region.
This area is extremely embarrassing and therefore makes me incredibly anxious and self-conscious when trying to seek help for it. I've seen a couple different doctors about it, but even if it calms down and seems like it's going to go away, it always returns back in full force. I've tried many different moisturizers, creams, and ointments for it, all of which haven't managed to get rid of it completely, but usually only slightly help temporarily. This includes: Desitin, basic Vaseline, Lotrimin AntiFungal and generic Lotrimin, Hydrocortisone cream 2.5%, Hydrocortisone Ointment 2.5%, and Tacrolimus Ointment 0.1%, along with others prescribed awhile ago that I no longer remember the names of. I've found that Lotrimin mildly helps the itching but has no effect in getting rid of the rash, just itching a tiny bit. The Tacrolimus usually just stings and burns mildly whenever I apply it and therefore makes me mess with the rash and area even more then I did to begin with, I wouldn't say it helped with itching that much at all. In my experience, the basic Vaseline and Hydrocortisone Ointment 2.5% have had the best results but still haven't helped me get completely rid of this annoying and embarrassing rash. I think the HCO helps the most with suppressing the itching sensation, but I get worried that the area is very sensitive and after applying this 2 times a day for 2 weeks plus may not be the best for my skin down there. The basic Vaseline helps the most with moisturizing and helping the wounds heal, but doesn't help with itching. My doctors have told me that it could be a form of dermatitis, possibly eczema, jock itch, maybe even something similar to a diaper rash. I've stopped using wet wipes when I go to the bathroom in case the moistness worsened my situation or in case anything in the wipes gave me an allergic reaction. Alas, I am still here years and many ointments and creams later with little to no progress for this rash, it is still there and beating me up every day (mentally and physically). I am always stressed and worried about it, it's in the back of my mind all the time, and I really just need any help possible in calming the appearance and itching of it.
Has anyone experienced a rash similar to this in the same place? Does anyone recommend I get a new cream or ointment for it, possibly even a combination of some? I am becoming desperate and helpless over this. Any recommendations or help would be greatly appreciated
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What type of laundry detergent do you use?  You may try switching that to something that is completely fragrance free.  Likewise, any soaps you use to clean, make sure they are gentle and fragrance free- but it's important to keep the area clean.  Make sure your clothing is lose fitting as well.  Have you tried making sure to keep powder on the area to help absorb any moisture?  It doesn't sound like your doctors have investigated the rash too much- have they given anything prescription strength or run any tests on the rash?    
I only use fragrance-free detergent, so no scents or anything like that in it.
My body wash does have a scent to it, but I also have an Aveeno brand baby body wash, which contains no added fragrance and is really safe for sensitive skin, I usually use a bit of that one to wash the part of my body that has the rash.
As for clothing, I do mostly wear boxer briefs and not boxers, so a bit tighter fitting. And my pants are loose enough I believe.
I haven't tried the powder method, just basic Vaseline and Hydrocortisone 2.5% ointment, both help a tiny bit but man...when the itching sensation comes along it is just so intense and persistent that they don't help too much. I will give it a shot though. Thing is that the rash is very irritating whether it's moist or dry, both ways hurt and sting like hell so I'm always in limbo trying to decide if I should keep it drier or moist.
I agree, I have been very disappointed by the doctors visits I've had the courage to go to. A lot of the time they say that they just don't know what it is, or sometimes say that they can't see it or it's not dry enough, it's astounding to me.
No tests have been run, except for a fungal one years ago which I believe came back negative.
Thank you for your reply
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Well I have a rash in my perineum now for most of my adult life.  I have visited doctors and dermatologists for years with not much progress.  I can’t even list the amount of ointment and creams that I have tried.  Both perscription and non perscription.  I have recently invested in a UVB light that I am trying to see if it would have any effect on it.  I have just started using it for 5 mins every second day to see if it will help.
I don’t however have any itching from the rash, just redness and sore and at times it flares up and spreads, but not very often.  I had a punch biopsy done years ago when it had spread to my inner thighs.  It didn’t give them anything to go on.
The only cream that a dermatologist suggested that I use as a barrier cream was Kerodex 71, made by Medtech.  It was dropped from production and is now only available at stupid money when it used to cost just $4 per tube.
I sympathize and can totally relate to your issue.  If I don’t apply something every so often it is difficult to walk or sit without feeling very uncomfortable.  It is embarrassing to go to new doctors and have to explain everything to a nurse before you have to see the physician.  I had every type of test, swab, STD tests, photographs, and was basically told that it was something that I had to live with, which I have for over 30 years now.  If the UVB works I will keep you posted.
Sometimes it's nice to know that you're not in the boat alone, thanks for sharing. I developed mine in my later teenage/early 20's, but the biggest symptom is the very intense itching, along with a kind of burning and stinging sensation. Last time I saw a dermatologist about it, she told me that if the creams didn't work, that I may need to do a biopsy as well, so maybe I should make another appointment and try that. I haven't heard of the light method but if this reply reaches you, let me know how it worked out.
Upon further research, it seems like what I have is contact dermatitis in my perianal and perineum area. Although I still don't know what can stop the rash and symptoms.
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Why do you now think that you have contact dermatitis?
I would have thought that the doctors that you have seen would have ruled that out early in the process
I have been doing the UVB therapy and I believe that it might be making headway.  I believe that as I grew older and became quiet hairy in that  area and I seem to sweat a lot when the heat of the summer kicks in
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