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Pimples-like lines on glans of penis.

Help! I noticed the pimples-like lines (that you probably call rash. They're many pimples forming lines) a month and a half ago.
I started using my soap (Dettol, which I think is classified as anti bacterial) more on the area thinking it's a hygiene thing and that I wasn't using it enough down there. (but it might be the opposite)
The rash (or pimples) persisted for two weeks (a month ago) and even woke me up once back then, felt like they were burning. What I did then was washing with water, and using a warm towel to soak the water and leave the area dry, and it worked I went back to sleep as if what I did was magic. I remember them getting red around that time, as if about to pop (took photos). I think using the soap too much down there had something to do with inflaming them.
That line of pimples was on the upper side of the glans, and now I have another similar to it on the left side a little to the south that appeared around three weeks ago.
I still have them now. I am not sure if they've been soothing recently or what. I can include pictures, I just don't know if they would be proper for the website, so I'm going to include links instead.
Now even if they were soothing, they're really unattractive I want to cure them aesthetically too.

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Don't use any soap, bath or shower gels in that area.  It will aggravate and dry the skin.

Use non perfumed soap, soap that has the same pH level as our skin, baby washes may be fine.

Don't use latex condoms.  You can purchase latex free ones.

It may be a fungal problem.  

As a home remedy, apply natural set yogurt to the washed and gently dried penis.  It will be cold.  You can use it as long as it is required without any side effects.

You can purchase antifungal creams that are specifically for use on the genitals from the pharmacy.  Your pharmacist can advise.

Don't have unprotected sex.  Fungal infections can be passed on to your sexual partner.

Make an appointment to see your doctor.  The doctor may know what it is by looking at your penis.  Or may take a skin swab to send to the laboratory for analysis.
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you rock girl or guy! :)
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Could they just be ingrown hairs??
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Cotton boxers will be fine, but you should wear what you feel comfortable in.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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You're knowledgeable and you help people, which is more than enough. Why does the word "doctor" itself have to be the compliment!

I haven't scratched, but sometimes I use the loofah down there, and apparently it might not be for sensitive areas.

I don't remember taking any antibiotics in the past 5 months.

I only wear cotton, but they're boxers. I think I'm switching to briefs, they're more comfortable anyway.

I've been sexually inactive for months now, however I did an STD test 3 months ago, and they were negative. I'll do another one.

So, heading to the medical center asap. I'll stay away from what you told me to stay away from, and do what you advised.

I'll let you know what happens!

Thanks, Jemma The Awesome.
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I am not a doctor.  But thanks for the compliments. :)

The soap wouldn't have caused the red lines and rash, but it certainly won't help.  It looks like little scratches.  Have you scratched?

It is very common to get fungal problems on the genitals.  Men and women can get it.  Sometimes, you can just get itching.  Being on antibiotics can encourage fungal growth.  

I omitted to mention in my previous message: wear cotton underpants as manmade fabric ones will make you sweat and encourage yeast growth.

A normal doctor should be fine and he sometimes knows exactly what it is or may take a swab with a cotton bud to send to the laboratory for analysis to identify any bacteria or fungus.

You can purchase antifungal creams that are specifically for use on the genitals and also antifungal capsules to be taken by mouth (Itraconazole 100mg 1 single dose capsule)  from the pharmacist without a prescription.  But because it is not clear that you have a fungal problem, it is best to see your doctor.  The doctor can prescribe stronger and more than 1 capsule if he feel this is needed.

I don't know how your medical system works in Sweden, but in the UK we can only be referred to specialists by our doctor.  A dermatologist is the specialist that deals with skin problems.  A urologist would be the specialist to see if you have urinary problems and genital problems like pain and swelling.

If you have been sexually active, it would be a good idea to check for STDs just to be on the safe side.  
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Thanks you so much, doc! So it's the excess use of the soap.

I am wondering what kind of a doctor specializes in that? I'm thinking any dermatologist (Correct me if I'm wrong, please).

Thank you so much! :))))))))))))
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So I reposted the links. The links I used in the original post were filtered out. Help, please!
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