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Please help, I'm at the end of my rope.

My son is 2 1/2.  I have watched him cry himself to sleep in pain again tonight, and I cannot bare it any longer.  I have taken him to 2 nurse practicioners, 2 pediatricians, 1 regular doctor, and 1 dermatologist with no help.  It started at as a small rough spot on his outer ankle about a year and a half ago.  It has spread all the way around his ankle and under his foot.  Now it is starting to crack and bleed.  Both feet are starting to get places like this all over.  His toes are also cracking.  At the times when it gets bad his whole leg can be bright red with a rash. Most of the doctors, etc. that I have seen say it is Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis and prescribe a cream and send us away.  We have tried probably 8-10 different prescriptions and 5 or so over the counter creams and nothing helps.  We have changed detergent to fragrance free, quit using fabric softener, and changed to Cetaphil soap and cream.  I live in a very small town in southwest Kansas...but I am willing to travel as far as needed to get my son some help.  No child should have to cry themselves to sleep in pain.  Please help...any information will be so appreciated!!!!!
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With kids the first thing you need to do is look at the diet. Most cases are related to diet. The easiest thing to do is an elimination diet. Stop eating all grains, eggs, peanuts and processed foods. The skin needs to be kept moist, find a natural moisturizer and apply it three or more times a day. Keep in mind that you may be using a product that he is allergic to. The product may be designed to be used on eczema yet cause the reaction.
I would stay far far away from any prescription cream. The steroids they give you make the condition better temporarily and worse in the long run. The skin requires more potent medication over time. They also cause the rash to get worse over time.
The net is full of resources. But don't waste your money on magic creams. they don't exist.
I know this is easier said then done, but you must keep him from scratching.

More then likely he will outgrow this.
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From the symptoms it sounds like atopic dermatitis. Atopic allergy is a type of immediate hypersensitivity in humans resulting from spontaneous sensitization. Atopic allergy is mediated by immunoglobulin E (IgE), antibodies which are bound to the mast cells. When allergens cross-link the IgE molecules degranulation is induced and mediators such as histamine and other vasoactive amines are released and produce the allergic reactions.

Diagnosis of allergies is done by skin ***** or patch tests and confirmation is done by blood tests like RAST. My sincere advice would be to consult an allergist and get allergy tests done. Skin biopsy can also be done.

I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep posted in case you have any additional queries. Kind regards.
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Thank you for the advice!  I forgot to put this in my original post, but one of my sons pediatricians did the blood allergy tests and it all came back fine.  He was only allergic to one fungus  I believe it was called alternaria which she said is found in grass I think.  I don't let him play without shoes so I'm not sure if this could be the problem.  Anyway, all the other tests they did came back fine.  The dermatologist I took him to talked about possibly doing a biopsy so maybe we will have to try that.  Thank you for your help!!!
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Hello,Do you have a family history of atopy like wheezing or eczemas?I would have expected a atopy to start from the cheeks from early childhood though it is not a must.It looks too localized and it wont be a bad idea too get a scraping for fungus or a woods lamp to rule out a possible fungus,if so would not respond to topical steroids.These steroids if it is fungus convert it to an unrecognizable tinea incognitio which could masqurade the original condition.
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I get it! My 8 yr old gets worse every year. I cry myself to sleep listening to him cry- he sounds like a logger scratching a tree down when he gets scratching in his sleep. bloody sheets in the morning- vacuuming the dead skin on his bedsheets every night- it's a nightmare. have you found any relief?
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I am not an expert, but I know a few.  I have seen blotches like these and cold compresses ease the pain until they clear.  However, if it is spreading it is under the skin within the tissue.  I will ask one of the doctors here at the Wolfson's Children Hospital.  I have a friend their who is an ARNP and has a son that may have experienced the same thing.  I will send the photograph to him to see what his suggestions may be.  Be encouraged and stay hopeful.  Your son will be fine.
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