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Problem with skin peeling under foreskin

Hi, the last few months I've been having an issue with skin peeling on and under the head of my penis beneath my foreskin. It appears as small white pieces/strips that usually peel off/become more extended when drying after a shower. Most of the time, it doesn't cause significant discomfort, but on occasion, it can cause some sharp pain/irritation, especially after masturbation once or twice over the past few months. The areas where the skin peels often look worryingly red, but are rarely sore to the touch and there has been no bleeding. I am not currently sexual active and certainly have not been within any time close to when this issue started so there's zero chance it's STD-related. Some days it appears as if the problem is abating, but other days it looks a lot worse, and I'm concerned of potential discomfort/pain and/or off-putting physical appearance in the future. The problem is only beneath the foreskin and not anywhere else on the penis. I'm an extremely hygienic and healthy individual who watches what I eat and washes and exercises regularly. It might be notable that I do also suffer with psoriasis on my head which, as per doctor's advise, I have to regularly treat with cocois ointment and betnovate scalp application or else I get a thick, itchy build up of scaly patches on top of my head. I'm not sure if this could be related to the penis skin issue, and the penis skin issue is certainly nowhere near as bad as what I get on my head, but I thought it might be worth mentioning, just in case. I'd be most grateful for any advise/potential solutions anyone can offer me because I'd prefer not to have to go to the doctor about this unless absolutely necessary. Thanks.
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Sounds like it's just dry skin- you can get this from the soaps you use being too harsh, friction, an allergy (or something like eczema), or a yeast infection- to name a few causes.  It's impossible to tell you for sure what the cause is, but you can try things like wearing loser fitting clothing, changing soaps, and/or using moisturizer to see if that helps.  If it doesn't, you may need to see the doctor to get a more specific cause and possibly treat the yeast infection (if that's what it is).  
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Hi, thanks the advice, I appreciate it. Is there any particular kind of moisturizer you'd recommend using or are most regular moisturizers alright to use under the foreskin?
I don't know any specific brands, but they do make moisturizers for men specifically- you can head to the pharmacy and ask where to locate those.  They would be your best bet.  
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