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Rash and Tiny Black Dots/Fibres

I have had this rash since February this year and it has spread from my groin and buttock area to my stomach and thighs and all the way down to the back of my knees.  The rash is very itchy and inflammed almost constantly now, which feels really sore.  I have been putting Tea Tree, Neem oil and Lavender oil on it a few times a day, which isn't really helping at all.  The itching is driving me mad and is especially bad when I'm in bed at night and driving, because this is when it gets hot, which makes the itching start.  
Also, when I scratch or rub the rash area, tiny black specs or hair like substances come out of my skin, which is really disturbing me and this especially happens when I put a carrier oil, with some of the essential oils/neem oil onto my skin.  I also have these tiny black spec/fibres come out on my arms when I use my Magnesium oil on them.
I haven't been to the doctor yet, but think I will go this week and see if they can give me anything to help me, but I'm not holding out much hope considering nothing I have tried (Anti fungal oils etc) have worked and I'm really scared (And quite convinced) that it's Morgellons disease which the doctors will not even know about, let alone be able to help me with!
I'm really at my wits end, this rash just will not go away!!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  That is indeed a long time to be dealing with something that is possibly not supposed to be there.  I understand trying to give it a chance to go away on its own but since it didn't, I agree it is time to see your doctor. Skin issues like this are often benign or harmless in nature but don't look great and annoy us.  So, keep that in mind.  Try not to be scared as it is unlikely anything serious.  And often, once you go to a doctor, it can be cleared up relatively quickly with proper diagnosis!  While your home remedies are often good, they also can irritate that sensitive area of the skin.  You may have actually been aggravating it making it worse, unfortunately.  

I'm curious what the diagnosis is and if possibly yeast is involved.  We can get an overgrowth of this even in that area. Please give us an update.  
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