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Rash on feet that has small brown dots, slightly raised and in a linear fashion

for the past three weeks I have been dealing with a rash on the right ball of my foot/toes. There seem to be a series of very small red/brown spots/dots which have created a a patch of dots which itch. The dots do not looked raised but you can feel them when you run your hand over them. I first thought it might be athletes foot but after using anti-fungal cream and powder with no improvement. I went to a walk-in clinic and she stated she believed it might be a viral infection. About a week prior I had flu-like symtpoms with vomiting, headache, and a low grade fever. Afterwards these dots appeared on my foot. Any ideas what this might be?
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Did the doctor who thought it was a viral infection give you any ideas to clear it up?  Has what she recommended been helping?
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The doctor only said to see a dermatologist.  And not to wear high heels and put on moisturizer. So far some of the dots are clearing, but some new ones are appearing. They appear as almost air bubbles under my skin and then turn slightly brown.
Have you tried anything to make sure that you keep the sweat off your skin too?  I almost wonder if it isn't eczema- if you can, keep your feet dry from the sweat (bring a change of socks with you and change them through the day), wear shoes that are not tight, and moisturize with a thick lotion that doesn't have any fragrance in it.  It's definitely worth a trip to the dermatologist to have them take a look as well.  
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