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Raw/Pink Spot on Penis


First off I would like to say I am under 18 and have never had any sexual contact with anyone.

A few weeks ago I noticed I had a raw pinkish patch on the underside of my penis below the tip.  It is about the size of a small finger nail.  I noticed this spot after I had been rubbing myself hard with shorts on.  I have put neosporin type stuff on it and stopped rubbing it.  Now three weeks later it is still there.  Can someone help me as to what I should do, and how I can cure it?

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This appears to be an abrasion. Abrasions refers to superficial sloughing of the skin due to rubbing or scratching the area. This should resolve spontaneously as this is not something that you should be worried about given an insignificant sexual history. Just refrain from rubbing or manipulating the area as this may only further irritate the skin. It is important to know that the penile skin especially the skin of the glans penis is thinner than the skin of the rest of he body. This makes the skin far more sensitive and fragile. Wear light cotton underpants that are not irritating to the skin.
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Thank you for the response Dr. Lacuseta.  I've been a bit worried that it might not go away.  Thank you for helping me figure out what is.  I'll continue taking care of the issue.

Thanks again!
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Hi Dr.

I just wanted to tell you how things are going.  The patch is still red and more sensitive then other areas on the skin.  Also,  I've noticed that the area is prone to the skin reopening which looks like little cuts.  Is there anything else that I could do to get help?  I really want this problem gone.

Thanks for your help!
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Can someone please help!
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Heres an update.

The area is now less pink then it was before. It isn't as sensitive as it is, but the skin seems to be very fragile.  Sometimes little cuts may appear.  Any suggestions?
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This may be a  dermatitis or a fungal infection. Dermatitis may render the skin more fragile. Fungal infection may cause some scaling and sloughing off the skin. I suggest that you inform your guardian or parents about this so that they may help you seek an appointment with a dermatologist. At this point, do not rub or manipulate the area. Just continue to wash with a mild cleanser such as Cetaphil. You may apply a mildly potent corticosteroid cream such as 1% hydrocortisone over the area. Apply thinly once daily for 3 days. If no response, then cease medications and have this assessed by your physician.
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Hi Doctor,

Thank you again for your response.  The past fews days I have been applying "Moisturel Theraputic Lotion" because the skin seemed to be a little dry.  So far this has worked well.  The skin seems to be softer and the color is almost at normal too. It is not as sensitive either.

If the conditions seem to get worse or I have other problems I might try a physician.  I'm a bit afraid to ask for help because it would be very weird with my parents.
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