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Recurring poison ivy

I am female 33 from Canada. I had a severely bad case of poison ivy very close to my genitals on my buttocks and thighs a year ago after trying to squat to go to the bathroom in the woods. I had severe soaking blisters that required me to go to the E.R. for pain releif. I treated it with medicated steroid cream at the time, which provided 0 releif. I just hoped it reduced the length of time it would take me to recover. It was so severe I couldn't sit stand or lay down. I could barely tolerate cold showers. I was so raw I looked like bleeding hamburger and bled so much consistently I had to go back to the hospital every week so doctors could check me for signs of infection. Every time I would remove my underwear fresh crusts that dried in to my clothing would peel of and I would bleed and bleed. I couldn't even sleep for over 2 weeks because the pain was so severe I would wake up
every 15 minutes from the pain. I spent my days laying on my belly getting intermittent rest when I could. It was the worst pain I ever had. Worse than my leep surgery they never put me out for, and Achilles tendon lengthening surgury. Worse than my wisdom teeth being pulled or my braces. The blisters lasted more than a month and a half it was 3 months before the rash cleared enough that I could go back to work without severe pain because my job requires 0 sitting but I was still blistering enough to soak through my underwear and leggings I wore under my pants to absorb all the moisture, crusting and  bleeding regularly enough to still require weekly doctors visits. I washed my clothing I wore next to the rash twice daily in boiling water with extra soap. I bought multiple pairs if 7nderwear and leggings to do this. Ever since then the area looks scarred and pitted. It has been a year now since it happened and is still too painful for me to sit any longer than 15 minutes at a time. Multiple times a day I get severe burning and itching in the exact same area I had the poison ivy rash and have to run to the bathroom to scratch myself for any releif. In the summer on hot days it is 10x worse and feels like I still have poison ivy as all day it burns and itches when I walk, stand, sit, no matter what I do. Any kind of sweating in the area where I had poison Ivey  feels like I am pouring salt on a fresh wound. When I examine myself using a mirror there is no rash or redness, just the scarring, and pitting. When I ask doctors for help they tell me it can't possibly still be poison ivy. That once it's gone, it doesn't recur. I have tried everything from ointments, calaminenlotion, antifungal creams, and itch powders to keep the area dry with no releif. The only releif I get is if I lay commando in a cool room with a fan blowing on my rear. Any and all advice would be helpful. I would just like to be able to sit for more than 15 minutes at a time, without being in severe burning itching pain that requires me to stand or scratch. It's mentally exhausting having to block out the severe burning, and itching pain during times I must behave socially acceptable. I have even thrown out all the clothing I used to have and replaced it incase it still had poison ivy on it. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
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This is 7H3M346573R Also I have been tested for stds etc, and they came back negative. I am married and pregnant. Could my pregnancy be making these symptoms worse? I do not have diabetes. I do have a pancreas that is 40% fibrosed which I treat with diet and enzymes during meals.
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