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Red, burning face and Nose


I went to the dermatologist a few months ago with a red face and slight acne on my forehead. She immediately said it was rosacea and prescribed me Rhofade. It was expensive and eventually hurt more than it helped. So, I went back and she prescribed me Soolantra. That seemed to have worked for a couple of days. Now, my face is back to being completely red and burning.

I'm used to blushing easily, but this occurs even when I'm sitting at home. It's constant. In fact, the only time my face is NOT red is after I exfoliate at night.

I'm not sure this is Rosacea. The reason being because of what happened right when things started to go wrong:

My basement flooded in my house with backed up rain and sewage water. I cleaned it myself. However, when I did a load of laundry, there was sewage water in my washer as well. The plumber fixed that, I think. I cleaned my washer and dryer and ran it a few times with bleach water. However, like the idiot I am, I did not throw out my sheets, towels or clothes that had been run in the dirty water.

Long story short, my question is: do I have Rosacea or could this possibly be a contact/infection sort of thing due to the sewage issue? I told my dermatologist and doctor about all of this.

Thanks ahead of time!

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It is possible that you are seeing a reaction to the water and something on your towels- rosacea can be mistaken for things like allergic reactions.  If you have a hot drink or drink alcohol does it seem to be aggravated?  If so, that points more towards rosacea and it's possible you just need to try other medication options.  Not every medication will help each patient, sometimes you do have to try a few options.  It's important to keep communication up with your doctor about what's working and what isn't.    It wouldn't hurt to go ahead and toss that laundry that was washed in the sewage water as a precaution though.  Feel better soon!
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