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Red bump with two tiny visible white head...what is it??

3 days ago i developed a 1.5 cm red non itchy bump and below that a small round bump of similar kind.It is now decreasing and forming two tiny white head over the large bump and a single tiny head over the small one.could it be shingle?..a year ago i had small red bumps in a row with a red base on my forearm and they became white pus filled later and then popped and became painful...they eventually healed leaving scar.But this one is a single red bump and while decreasing it is showing two tiny whiteheads on top.My medical history includes pulmonary TB in 2015,a blood transfusion same year and dengue fever in 2017.I was scared of hiv so did a test in august 2018 which came negative.Never had any sexual encounter.I am 23 male.
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Where is the bump?

Might it just be a pimple? Sometimes bumps really are just pimples, which are clogged oil glands. You can get them anywhere on your body. If you've never had any sexual encounters, it's not an STI.

Get it checked out if you are concerned.
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i have added a photo in my profile.....i don't know how to post photos so i added it there.The bump is on outer thigh region close to the butt......please have a look.And also it went to normal without leaving any scar or blackness like pimple...its really weird.Thank you.
I'm not a doctor, but honestly, it looks like pimples to me. You can get pimples anywhere on your body  - https://globalnews.ca/news/4470025/vaginal-pimples-weird-pimples-what-to-do/

Pimples leave scars usually when you pop them or they are really deep. Since the skin on your thighs is different than your face, pimples will look and act differently than the acne on your face.

If they come back, let your doctor check it out.

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