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Red, flaky skin on face

I am 20 years old and I have been having a skin problem for about a year now.  I have what appears to be eczema on my face, right under my nose above my lip, under my lip, and on the bridge of my nose.  I get it on my body occasionally as well, but my face is where it is the worst.  It is red patches that are sometimes flaky as well and peel, itch, and burn.  My skin is almost raw in these areas.  I notice it getting worse after I consume a lot of sugar in particular.  I have tried medication from my dermatologist.  I have tried coconut oil, Aquaphor, and multiple other eczema creams.  I have tried changing all of my skin products and using ones without a certain ingredient that apparently triggers it.  I now use Cetaphil gentle face wash and Clinique dramatically different moisturizer.  I am not sure what else to do to cure this problem, but it has become very embarrassing for me to go out in public with the blotches on my skin.  
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Has your dermatologist or your doctor suggested that you may have Rosacea?

If so, you may find Rosex which is a metronidazole cream helpful.  Your doctor may know of other medications to treat Rosacea.

You are right in that there will be things that can trigger this skin problem.
So you will need to keep a record of your triggers to avoid them.

When you go outside use a strong sunblock to protect your skin.  Even the cold wind can trigger the condition as well as the hot weather.  

Make an appointment to see your doctor and ask about Rosacea.

Best wishes.
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I have read that you can get Rosacea on different parts of the body as well as in the eyes.  Someone may have Rosacea on the face and also a different skin condition elsewhere on the body at the same time.

With the symptoms described  "It is red patches that are sometimes flaky as well and peel, itch, and burn" is typical of a worse case of Rosacea.

Not only are these symptoms very uncomfortable and the skin is very sore, it is also very embarrassing to go out into public places.

There is no cure for Rosacea, but the symptoms can be controlled.
The thing to, is to avoid triggers.  Triggers may be the cold wind, the heat and sun, certain foods and drinks, hot water.

As you have found that sugar is your trigger, avoid all sugar as well as cakes, biscuits, fizzy drinks.  You should be fine with fresh fruit, because although they contain fructose, you also get minerals, vitamins and fibre with eating the fruit.

Keep a written record of your triggers, so that you can avoid them.

Some skin conditions can be caused by fungal problems and a skin swab of the skin sent to the laboratory for analysis can identify if there is any fungus or bacteria on the skin.  Fungal infections would need treating with antifungals by way of antifungal creams or antifungal oral capsules.

Don't use normal soaps, the soaps dry the skin and irritate it more.  Avoid make up and facial products.  The skin can be irritated by any of the chemicals in cosmetic facial products and eye makeup and even shampoos.

Dermol 400 is an antimicrobial emollient that can be used as a substitute for soap and can be used on the face.  This will not help if there is a fungal problem.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is by trial and error until the condition is identified for it to be treated appropriately.  

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