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Red patch + purple/redish shiney streaks inner thigh?

Hope you can help me with some random marks.
Shown here:  http://oi61.tinypic.com/2j16a07.jpg

29 yr old male. Weight around 230. 6'3 height.

Noticed these marks on my left inner thigh today and I am guessing it is two different things due to the different nature of the marks.

A marks in pics: Lines of shiny purplish/reddish marks parallel with leg at different lengths. Guessing it might be stretch marks? My right leg has nothing except one tiny one maybe a inch or less.

B marks in pics: The other is this red mass of spots in a cluster type form. No idea what this could be. Been with same sexual partner two years and have not noticed this before.

Only reason I am posting is I don't have great health insurance and have been having other related symptoms in that area for a week. Can't see doctor for awhile and insurance does not cover any clinic.

1.Dull pain in left upper thigh/left groin area, but hard to pinpoint where exactly it is coming from.
---- worse when sitting down
---- sometimes SHARP rarely but I can tell its the same pain (for a second or two)
---  present 24/7 for a week so far.

2.Bright red blood in stool when passing- --on paper and on stool (every day for a week) and occasionally in the past on and off.

Have a young 2 yr old daughter and hoping I won't drop dead!

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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