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Red patch appeared on my hand overnight?

So two days ago I woke up with a red patch on my hand overnight, which looked like a rash. However, it was not itchy or dry and was painless. I put some eczema cream just in case. The day after, it turned into a reddish-brown colour, kind of like a bruise. But it isn't a bruise and it is painless. It's smooth, no bumps. I haven't been using any new products on my skin, so there isn't a possibility of an allergic reaction. Actually, I haven't been doing or eating anything new, so I don't think its allergies.  I don't go outside often, but sometimes I walk my dog and I'm usually outside for less than an hour. I don't wear sunscreen but I usually don't have problems with my skin and don't get burnt. The day before the patch appeared I did wear sunscreen and was out of less than an hour. I usually go out around 5-7pm when its not too sunny or hot.

Any ideas what it could be? I've tried looking for answers but I haven't seen anything close to what I have.
It does concern me a bit however I am unable to see a doctor because my mom doesn't think its serious.

It appears to be light brown patch with smaller red patches.
Here are photos:
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thank you for your question.  I looked at the picture and can understand your concern. That's a large patch to come out of nowhere.  You need to have a doctor look at this relatively soon.  It could be a fungal infection or an autoimmune issue.  Is there any way you can get to a doctor?  Even urgent care at this point would be helpful to get the ball rolling.  
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Hi thanks for the response. I have noticed that it has been gradually getting darker. I am going to try to get an appointment with my doctor soon.
I spoke with my doctor and he said it could just be the result of some kind of trauma (e.g maybe I pulled something) as it looks like a bruise. He just suggested to wait it out. It's hard to believe since I do not do a lot of physical activity and I have been staying home.
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