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Reddening and flaky skin around penis

I am 23 and circumsized. Ive noticed this red shiny rash around the head of the penis that started to grow rapidly over a few days and spread like a ring around the head. Ive treated it with antifungal creams, am fairly hygenic, used home remedies like coconut oil, but nothing seems to be working. It hasnt reduced or looked visibly better. There are time when it would just look dry and the skin would peel off.
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I also have the same condition on my scrotum where it would be itchy at time and the skin would flake off.
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You need to book an appointment to see your doctor to take a swab from the area that has the problem. This needs to be sent to the laboratory for analysis to identify the bacteria or fungus causing your problem.  Once this is identified, the appropriate medication can then be used.

It is highly likely to be a fungal problem and it is important not to stop using the antifungal cream too soon.  The other thing is NOT to use any soap, shower or bath gel.  This will irritate and dry the delicate skin in that area causing more problems.   Use plain water.  You can purchase non perfumed soap and one that has the same pH level as our skin, moisturising emollients that can be purchased from the pharmacy can also be used instead of soap.  Baby washes may be fine.  If your skin is dry and peeling you can also purchase a fine moisture spray called Emollin which is fine to use on the genitals.

Only wear cotton underwear as the manmade and nylon garments will make you sweat more and that encourages yeast growth.

Always wear clean cotton underpants every day.  Use non biological washing detergents to wash your underwear and if you use fabric softeners, use the ones that are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

If you use condoms, only ever use the latex free ones.  Some people have allergies to latex and you may be one of them.  Always use protection when engaging in any type of sexual play to help guard against any sexually transmitted diseases.  

Bathing in Epsom Salts or other therapeutic salts may help.  Always read the instructions on how to use these salts as some need to be rinsed off after soaking in them.  

Make sure that you have a healthy and well balanced diet and cut down or cut out sugar foods and drinks, junk and fast foods.   Watch out for foods with hidden sugars.  A diet with too much sugar will encourage yeast overgrowth.

As a home remedy you can apply natural set yogurt to the problem area after you have washed and gently dried.  Good hygiene is imperative.  So ALWAYS wash your hands after using the toilet.  If you work with oil or a dirty environment, wash your hands before touching your genitals.  Keep any oily rags away from pockets as the chemicals can seep through the fabric and cause skin problems.

If an antifungal cream does not help when used as directed, you can purchase without a prescription from the pharmacy an antifungal 1 dose single capsule called Fluconazole 100mg.  You may be able to purchase a 200mg.  The doctor can prescribe these and can prescribe a longer and stronger dose if necessary.  Always read the instructions before taking any medications.  

If you have been engaging in sexual activities it would be wise to get checked out at the GUM clinic.

Make an appointment to see your doctor and the GUM clinic.

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