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Scabies or Ezcema

Since 2011 while living in West Hollywood, CA, the back of my neck developed some skin rash that I thought was scabies some how. I treated it with permethrin and it went away. I also made sure to wash clothing and bedding as well. The skin rash came back and doesn't go away unless I use the permethrin on it everyday. If I stop using it for one day, it starts to come back. Bumps, etc. I began to believe it was psoriasis or ezcema just cause it wouldn't go away. The doctors yesterday told me they believed it was ezcema but they barely looked at it because I went to the doctors to get treated for Trichomoniasis. It started on the back of my neck and it's now on both sides of my body, it seems like scabies is in my groin area, and it's beginning to start working on my back. The rash officially began 3 years ago though and permethrin isn't working to completely get rid of it. At the moment, I've been using Sulfur Soap to calm the looks of the rash and help prevent it from spreading but I feel like the rash is going to develop immunity to it. It does itch bad especially when it's dry but I'd like to treat it like althletes feet because dark, heat, and moisture could very well help it survive. I'm thinking about taking cold showers instead of steamy showers because what if the scabies or what ever that is digs itself deeper into the skin to avoid getting boiled out... Not that my water is that hot but little critters like scabies might not survive the heat. If the shower is on the cold side, it might still might be attracted to body temp warmth and dig down further anyway. My only solution at this point is to continue to use sulfur soap and let my skin keep renewing itself over the course of a couple years to get rid of the skin condition. This is very distraughting because it's noticeable on camera as dark spots on the skin. Using a TCA peel wouldn't get rid of the scabies rather the skin condition very temporarily.

Would you diagnose this as scabies, ezcema, or psoriasis?

I didn't have this before so if it's something I've picked up, then it's something that I could cure, right? Permethrin and sulfur soap have been my past solutions and they're not completely getting rid of the problem.
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I really appreciate that. This sounds like the answer. I've thought about using a TCA Peel to get rid of it but I've tried before, it wasn't affective but the treatment according to this website;

Involved scraping, or removing the affected skin.

It does leave scars when scratching and the cheapest way to contain it right away is long term usage of 10% sulfur soaps.
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Well,  that was Molluscum contagiosum that needed that. It showed up under the search results for Neurodermatitis.

corticosteroid injections can be used to treat these skin rashes. Usually injected into the area around the rash.
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