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Scabies treatment with Permethrin and multiple people/one shower. Concerned!!!

Help!  I am scared about properly getting rid of scabies.  Roommate and I diagnosed with it.  We plan to do all the cleaning and major laundry prep work this evening and apply the cream for overnight.  We even bought air mattresses and some linens for one night to toss tomorrow morning.  My concern is showering in the morning.  We only have one shower, so will we be okay taking showers back to back and not risk something managing to survive on one person getting on the other person?  We already established first person would do a good wipe down/bleach of the floor for the next person. Intending on wearing flip flops as well.

Please someone with experience with these things post as soon as possible. It will be MUCH appreciated!!!!
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Hey, get yourself some neem soap or other neem products.  That will help your process too!  Health food stores are most likely to have it if you don't have time to order on line.  You can keep using it for as long as you like.  
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I can't believe what just happened. I spent all week after treatment (7 days for me and five for my roommate who had no symptoms. I left after my treatment and he treated two days later and cleaned when I was out of town). Everything cleared up. One week later, we treated again to be safe. Then I wake up this morning to see that e decided to sleep on the carpeted floor last night. I am livid and freaking out. I know we made it a week without symptoms which is great. I know we did a thorough cleaning after the second treatment, but who in their right mind would choose to sleep on the floor during all this?!

So this leads me to think about patents with kids. After treating do you let them crawl on the carpet an ground once all cleaned? Was everything okay? One would think you wouldn't have to deal with such questions for a an adult. I am just scared and hoping for the best. Then I am getting a new roommate who has half a brain.
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